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Monday, September 05, 2005

Peach Ice Cream

Nothing captures summer better for me than a ripe peach. My grandparents have a peach tree in their yard, and always bring them on visits during peach season. Grandma has spoiled me into being unable to eat fuzzy peaches - she would always peel and slice them for me, and I'd sit at the table in my swimsuit and eat them while they were still warm from being blanched in hot water. The magnificent scent, texture and taste of a peach is only enhanced by these sunny memories.

My grandparents were in town this week, watching my sister while my parents got to go to Beijing. My grandmother brought me some peaches from her tree, and by the time they got to me, some were pretty beaten-up, so I cut them up, and decided to finally break out the ice cream maker my in-laws gave us (a year ago). The recipe I used came from egullet, and I'd repeat it here, but it's very simple: mix up some eggs and sugar and cream and half and half and peaches, throw in a dash of vanilla (I used almond extract - I make this substitution a lot, because I can never remember to buy vanilla), and freeze.

My timing isn't perfect - the weather here is already starting to cool down. Still, since I'm due to bring dessert to a dinner on Tuesday, I thought ice cream would do justice to my grandparents' peaches. I sampled it out of the machine while I was packing it away into the freezer, and other than a little too much almond extract (I halved the recipe, but forgot to halve the amount of flavoring added), it's delicious.

PS - Any suggestions as to how to mask my over-almond mistake? I was considering making a tart sauce to sort of distract, but I don't want the peaches to get lost in all of this. Ideas?


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