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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Orexia on the Road

Since this is the first time I've ever actually been smart enough to stay in a hotel with wireless access, I thought I'd write a post.

When I travel, I want to eat good food. Moscow, while it has a lot of good low-priced food, is not a great dining town. When I get out of town, it's time to sit down at a restaurant and let someone serve me something delicious.

I'm in Missoula, MT, hanging out with my in-laws as a pre-birthday celebration for my husband (his birthday will be Monday, poor thing). We went to a restaurant called the Depot, and if you're ever in Missoula looking for a big piece of meat, The Depot is the place to go. I had smoked pork, and it brought back wonderful memories of my birthday. I also ate my very first raw oyster, which was a lot more delicious (and less slimy) than I would have expected.

We're sitting around the room waiting for my brother in law to finsh work, so we can hit the bars. The last time I was in Missoula, Kyle (the brother in law) set out to help Andy and I experience Missoula to its fullest (that is, drunkest). The evening was culminated at a bar called the Oxford. It's a bar where they serve brains and eggs, and pickled turkey gizzards. They also serve a chicken-fried steak, which is best enjoyed after at 2 am. It creates a nice, greasy seal over the alcohol churning in your stomach by that point.

The very essence of Missoula.


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